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Performances & workshops at your School or College

Performances & workshops at your School or College

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Eastern Angles is an arts and heritage organisation known for championing and producing new writing rooted in place. We have a theatre base in Ipswich: Sir John Mills Theatre, and a pop-up theatre and arts space in Peterborough: The Undercroft.

Learning is a key component of everything we do. Whether it's by producing programmes crammed with background information and historical context, offering post-show talks allowing audiences an insight into the theatre-making process running participatory projects that give people the chance to develop their own skills and interests, or employing interns and apprentices to help deliver our work, we have a range of leaning opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. 

Here is one of the ways we help people learn about our work:

Performances & workshops at your School or College
Now and then we produce shows that can be toured to schools and colleges during the day, slotting into the school timetable. These performances can include post-show talks or follow-up workshops. Our productions allow Drama students and teaching staff to find out more about techniques such as verbatim theatre, poor theatre, site-specific theatre and the practicalities of touring theatre. The themes we cover are also useful starting points for discussion around curriculum areas such as Social, Personal & Health Education, Religious Education, Philosophy and History. 

For further information, please contact Alyson Tipping, Engagement Manager –

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