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Subsidised puppetry projects for schools - years 5, 6 & 7

Subsidised puppetry projects for schools - years 5, 6 & 7

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The Young People's Puppet Theatre runs large-scale puppetry and puppetmaking projects in schools, teaching a vast range of practical, artistic, technical and performance skills while also developing important life skills including teamwork, communication and resilience among the children involved.

If your school is looking for a unique creative challenge for your pupils, look no further! We offer year-long school projects aimed at children in Years 5, 6 & 7, in which each pupil in the class designs and builds a marionette puppet, culminating in a theatrical production at the end of the year. You'll receive all materials and equipment, including the stage, lighting and sound systems for the performances. We can offer training and support so that one of your teachers or TAs can deliver the project in house, or we can provide you with an external YPPT project leader.

We sometimes run additional projects such as extra-curricular projects for all years in secondary schools, or summer camps, so get in touch if you think there's something else we could offer! Sign up before Easter 2020 for projects starting in September/October 2020.

​Our projects have two parts: making, and rehearsing/performing. We usually deliver the making phase in weekly sessions of around two hours each, lasting for about a term and a half (e.g. September-February). After that, rehearsals and performances are scheduled individually with each school. We are aware of other commitments such as SATs and writing moderation in Year 6, and work with each school to make sure that the scheduling is beneficial to everyone.

During the performance, the pupils cover all roles, from narrators and voices to puppeteers, stage managers, stage crew, lighting, sound and special effects. Each pupil has an individual and vital part, and adults are involved only in a supervising role for safety reasons. No part is more important than another, and most roles remain backstage, so the children learn to rely on each other and work as an incredibly close team. This is particularly beneficial to those children who would not be given large roles in a traditional end-of-year performance. You can learn more about the social benefits of the project on our website, including a recent impact study by a research team from the University of Hertfordshire: We cover all 8 of the essential skills from the Skills Builder Framework to some degree, and found it hard to pick the top 3!

We ask all our partner schools to make a contribution, although depending on circumstances this might be as little as £30/child for the entire project. We are well aware of the pressures on school budgets and fundraise extensively to make sure that schools wishing to take part are able to do so. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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