EEL DAY 2020 - Community “Colour me in” eel

EEL DAY 2020 - Community “Colour me in” eel

Sadly, due to current circumstance, there won't be the usual bright and colourful Eel  parade down the High Street and Forehill, but here’s an idea you may like to take part in so we still commemorate the day!

We are asking everyone (adults and children) if they would like to help us create a very long “colour me in” Eel.  All you have to do is download the free drawing.

Visit Ely have also included on their link a ‘Salt Dough Eel Project’ – why not have a go at creating your very own Eel or even a whole family.

It’s then up to you be as imaginative and creative as you wish.  The eel drawing can be decorated using anything including felt tips, crayons, glitter, collage, etc.  We will announce a date when possible, and invite you all to come along to join it together and this will take place at Ely Cathedral and we hope it’ll be the biggest coloured eel ever.

You don’t have to live in Ely to take part.  When the time comes to get creative, why not share a photo on social media of your progress.  You can do as many as you wish. Just make sure your name is on your part of the eel somewhere, so you can identify it when it’s all pieced together !

Karen from Fascinating Fens said “We created this project as a fun way of asking the community to get involved from their own homes to celebrate eel day. We hope everyone will enjoy this, and that it will help to bring people back together to create the joined-up eel when the lockdown is over”. 

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