Ellie The Eel Christmas Appeal - Donate Now!

Ellie The Eel Christmas Appeal - Donate Now!


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Can you help us raise funds for Ellie - the infamous Eel who can be seen parading the streets of Ely each spring? 

Donations made to the appeal between 27 November – 4 December 2018 will be worth twice as much as their original value.  

Ellie the Eel, and her friends, have made an appearance every Eel Day for the past 14 years.  Each year there are costs around making, organising, storing and repairs which must be covered. 

2019 will be the 15th Eel Day Parade, and without raising vital funds it won’t be possible to bring Ellie back to life.  We want to run free workshops for local children, families and seniors, all working together to create a fantastic spectacle for the Eel Day parade in 2019.  Donations from local residents, businesses and organisations are very welcome.

For 7 days only, donations made online will be doubled through the Big Give platform.

So if you want to see your money DOUBLE, please visit our campaign page here from 27 November and make a donation.

You can find us on Twitter @BabylonArtsEly Facebook @babylonartscentre


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