A Personal Choice : Guest Curator Deborah Jones

A Personal Choice : Guest Curator Deborah Jones

Tuesday 30 October - Sunday 11 November
Babylon Gallery, Waterside, Ely
Open : Tuesday - Sunday 12-4pm
FREE entry

A Personal Choice : Guest Curator Deborah Jones
A selling exhibition of work by: Robin Boyd, Stuart Green, Andrew Jones, Liz Ridgway, Robin Stemp. Munni Srivastava, Jill Tattersall, Chris Wood

This is a selection of artists whose work I love. One day I was sitting on the cliffs in Cornwall and I thought it would be fun to gather some of their work together and create an exhibition. So this is the realisation of that idea. I hope that many people will come and enjoy the variety and vibrancy of their work and buy something for themselves. My own working life has included English teaching, research and bookselling. Now I look forward to spending days surrounded by the work of these artists and meeting people who come to enjoy it.

Robin Boyd, Stuart Green, Liz Ridgway and Jill Tattersall are all painters working mainly in oils, but also in other media; Jill often creates work on her own handmade paper. Their subject matter includes landscape and portraits, both figurative and abstract. Andrew Jones is a kinetic sculptor whose work relies only on air currents for its movements.  Robin Stemp is known primarily as a photographer; recently she has started to include her own paintings as backdrops to her beautifully tranquil still life pictures. Munni Srivastava is a textile artist who creates exquisite wall hangings by combining hand and machine embroidery with fabric manipulation and quilting. Chris Wood is a light artist who has recently produced some large scale works for public places at home and abroad. She also creates smaller work for a domestic setting.

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