Artist Moving Image Screening (part of Gateway Film Festival)

Artist Moving Image Screening (part of Gateway Film Festival)

Babylon Arts, Ely is hosting a night of artist moving image. Artists will include Max Colson, Toby Tatum, Rosanna Greaves. After the screening there will be a Q and A from artist Rosanna Greaves, about her film 'The Flaming Rage of the Sea.'


The programme is particularly relevant to Ely, and its surrounding landscape as alongside work by work by Max Colson and Toby Tatum it will include a screening of Rosanna Greaves's, The Flaming Rage of the Sea, which explores the constructed and ever-changing landscape of the Cambridgeshire Fenlands. The film features choreographed stilt performers as apparitions of past farming practices done on stilts and was filmed at various locations in the Fens including Whittlesey Strawbear festival, The Great Fen and the Rothschild Bungalow.

The soundtrack is created from a seventeenth century drainage resistance poem ‘The Powtes Complaint’, which protested the drainage of the Fens alongside a number of fenland phrases that have been transcribed into Anglo Saxon. It is performed by the Cambridge Timeline choir and intercut with the oral histories of local people who have traditionally worked in synergy with the land; they share a body of knowledge that is close to dying out. Rosanna Greaves will be present at the event for a post screening Q and A.

Landscape is a contestant and political space, the divide between the urban and the rural has long been a point of controversy and with the added debates of climate change and Brexit, this has become more polarised and heightened than ever.

There is a long tradition of artists representing landscapes, and this event will look at how contemporary artists have used moving image in particular to explore the past and present of this 'green and pleasant land.'

Minimum age 15. Run time: Approx 2 hours incl Q&A.


The Gateway Film Festival is a brand-new film festival coming to Peterborough and its surrounding area in November 2019. Gateway aims to celebrate local history, community as well as being Peterborough's gateway to film culture from the past and around the world. From black and white classics to Bollywood and the oldest animated feature film to an internationally celebrated Kenyan film we've got something for everyone to enjoy. Taking place over 5 core days (13th-17th November) there will be plenty to see and take part in. A selection of the local films will be playing for the duration of the festival at screens around the city and the surrounding area.

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