Babylon Shorts : Film Festival - programme starts 7.30pm. tickets on the door

Babylon Shorts : Film Festival - programme starts 7.30pm. tickets on the door

Babylon Shorts film festival - scroll down to see full evening's line up!

Friday 22 March
Doors 7pm, films from 7.30pm
Tickets £5 per evening, festival pass for all three £12

A new short film festival comes to Babylon Arts when the Babylon Shorts Film Festival launches to bring a taste of international short films to Ely from Wednesday March 20th to Friday March 22rd.

Each evening’s film programme brings together a range of styles and content from drama to animation, comedy and more. Over a dozen countries will be represented from as far apart as Ethiopia, Singapore and South Korea to those from closer to home, the Netherlands, Sweden and not forgetting the USA.

Many of the films are award winners and even Oscar nominated to bring a truly high quality and varied selection to the launch event of Babylon Shorts.


Friday 22 March  97 minutes

Zombiehagen                                                 Denmark                                            24 .00 
The living dead have laid waste to Copenhagen. A lone survivor, searching for her loved one, is led to the national football stadium, where a shelter for survivors has been organized. Unfortunately, the shelter has become infected from the inside by the “walkers”.

One Rat Short                                               USA                                                    10.00
A rat fights for survival in the New York City subway.

Drone                                                             USA                                                    14.00
A rookie drone pilot becomes increasingly attracted to the target he watches halfway around the world. 

Late Afternoon                                              Irl                                                         9.00
Emily lives between two states, the past and the present. She journeys through her memories searching for a connection

Exit Strategy                                                  USA                                                    15.00
Two brothers caught in a time loop must traverse a series of maze-like events in order to prevent a catastrophic fire from taking occurring

Cappuccino                                                   UK                                                       3.00
Taking centre stage with a speech impediment can be a harrowing ordeal, as is explored in Cappuccino

The Goodnight Show                                   USA                                                    16.00
It's 1978 and a world ending asteroid is headed directly for Earth. With only hours left, Samuel embarks on a journey to find his place in a world doomed to end and just maybe, lose his virginity before it is too late. 

Setting Them Straight                                  Aus                                                     6.00 
Having been nurtured and accepted by his parents as a gay man, Joshua finds the courage to confess, that he's actually not.


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