Fenland Textures: Carol and Bob Banks

Fenland Textures: Carol and Bob Banks

Fenland Textures : Carol and Bob Banks
Babylon Gallery, Waterside, Ely CB7 4AU

Launch : Saturday 29 September 2-5pm
Open to the Public Wednesday 26 September - Continues to Sunday 14 October.
Open Tuesday - Friday 12 - 4pm. Saturday & Sunday 11am - 5pm

Carol and Bob Banks live and work in the Fens.

To many the fens are seen as a murky mysterious place. Graham Swift describes it as ' a landscape which, of all landscapes, most approximates to nothing".  However, he also claims to have hardly visited the Fens before writing 'Waterland'.

Carol has lived in the fens most of her life, Bob is a relative newcomer. They find great beauty and interest in the shapes and forms that surround them. Both are drawn to the textures found in the landscape whether it is on the bark of a tree or the distant horizon.

Their joint show is a representation of those textures in oil paintings, pastel sketches and jewellery.

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