I Matter

I Matter

Curated by Babylon Young Curator Olu Taiwo, the exhibition will be formed of work created by artists from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds and communities. Their work responds to the powerful declaration, ‘I Matter’ and its recent complex iterations. 

Following an open call, Olu selected 15 artists to showcase their work, they are:

  • Anthony Shintai
  • Eddie Saint-Jean
  • Jaffar Aly
  • James Chen-Wishart
  • Jay Morally
  • Kinnari Saraiya
  • Manuel Hechavarria
  • Parham Ghalamdar
  • Rayhan Miah
  • Roy Joseph Butler
  • Hana Sadrai
  • Suchi Chidambaram
  • Suman Gujral
  • Teakster
  • Thomas Soyemi

All 15 of the artists will be featured in a series of three artists' panels interviewed by Olu, discussing their artworks, training and the reasons behind the curation and selection. RSVP your free place here.

Olu Taiwo is currently taking part in the Babylon Young Curators Programme; a year-long professional development opportunity for young people aged 18 – 25.  As a Babylon Young Curator, Olu is presenting an exhibition called ‘I Matter’ at Babylon Gallery in Ely, from 28 May to 13 June.

Babylon Gallery's opening times have been extended to Monday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm for the duration of the I Matter exhibition.

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