Mugshot : Painting the least wanted. Oliver Winconek

Mugshot : Painting the least wanted. Oliver Winconek

Launch event & meet the artist Saturday 20 January 12 – 4pm

MUGSHOT : Painting the least wanted is an exhibition inspired by vintage American Police mugshots from the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s that focuses on petty criminals from all walks of life. I have chosen to paint people on the edge of society, those in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some of the 'crimes' committed such as homosexuality are no longer considered illegal today and I am fascinated by changing attitudes and shifting tolerances together with mistakes in judgement that led to the subjects being arrested.

The format of the Police mugshot is a quick, unplanned, unrehearsed moment in time. I love the immediacy of them and I have carried that feeling into the paintings, working wet into wet using oils with each piece coated in gloss resin to mimic the sheen of a photograph. The exhibition will also showcase large-scale charcoal drawings, pencil sketches, prints and film.

As part of the exhibition, I will be screening the excellent 2014 documentary; MUGSHOT directed by Dennis Mohr and presenting an Artists Q&A session.

About the Artist :

Oliver Winconek was born in Bedford in 1982, currently residing in Cambridgeshire he works as a full time portrait and figurative Artist.
His preferred medium is oils although he often works in graphite and charcoal. Oliver is fascinated by people and the human form and has dedicated a large part of his practise to painting portrait commissions as well as working with interesting members of society, actors and musicians.
Oliver was selected to be featured on Sky Arts portrait Artist of the year 2017 and his work has been exhibited at various locations including the prestigious Saatchi Gallery.

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