Power of Stitch

Power of Stitch

In this exhibition E.A.S.T (East Anglian Stitch Textiles) members have pursued their own areas of interest but with a deliberate focus on stitch to interpret their creative journey. 

Inspired by the great Constance Howard who said, "You do not need to know hundreds of stitches, but you need to use the ones you know well", the group has once again produced an exciting body of work that relies on the most fundamental of textile techniques - stitch.

Babylon Gallery is open Tuesday to Sunday, 12pm to 4pm with free entry.

Power of Stitch

Pictured: (Above) Veil of Winter by Libby Smith, (bottom left) Collection - Found Stuff by Melinda Berkovitz, (middle) Groyne 4 by Kay Mullenger, (bottom right) Groyne 8 and Groyne 9 by Kay Mullenger.

Power of Stitch: Talks and Workshops

Meet the artists, hear about their practices and learn something new!
  • Power of Stitch talk: The Exhibition
    10:30am, Wednesday 1 June
    FREE entry. Please RSVP in advance here.
    Join two members of EAST (East Anglian Stitch Textiles), Susan Canfield and Melinda Berkovitz, at Babylon Gallery for a fascinating insight into each artist’s response to this enigmatic title exploring various themes from geographical phenomena to personal memories and experiences

  • Power of Stitch workshop: Rock On, with Julie Topsfield
    10:30am, Monday 6 June
    £15 per place. Book your place here.
    A practical workshop showing the practices and techniques used to produce my wrapped rock exhibits within the Power of Stitch exhibition.

  • Power of Stitch workshop: Embroider a wheel with Margaret Talbot
    10am, Friday 10 June
    £10 per place. Book your place here.
    Participants will learn how to hand embroider a wheel using backstitch and stranded cotton. These designs were used in the centre of Dorset buttons. 

  • Power of Stitch workshop: Memento vitae, with Janette Bright and Vinny Stapley
    10:30am, Monday 13 June
    £30 per place. Book your place here
    EAST members Janette Bright and Vinny Stapley are interested in the tangible reminders of lost individuals. People divided but importantly remembered.

    Janette’s research into the eighteenth-century London Foundling Hospital uses hearts to remember lives uncovered through their archival records.  While Vinny’s work is concerned with memory and the preservation of family history through the creation of assemblages using fragments of old textiles.  

    In this workshop aimed at adult learners, you will create a textile heart that could remember someone special – but equally could just be decorative. Only minimal sewing skills required.

  • Power of Stitch talk: The Rise and Fall of the Tambour Hook
    7pm, Monday 13 June
    £5 per ticket, including a glass of wine/ soft drink. Book your place here.
    Based on research for The Power of Stitch, this talk looks at evidence as to how and why tambour embroidery arrived in London in the mid-eighteenth century. The speaker Janette Bright is a qualified historical researcher, with links to the London Foundling Museum.

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