Reflections and Revelations : Sally Tyrie and Helen Terry

Reflections and Revelations :   Sally Tyrie and Helen Terry

Reflections and revelations : Sally Tyrie and Helen Terry

Babylon Gallery, Waterside, Ely CB7 4AU
Wednesday 11 - Sunday 22 April 2018
Meet the Artists 15th & 22nd April

This exhibition brings together the work of artists Helen Terry and Sally Tyrie and represents the culmination of their two year collaborative project at Wicken Fen nature reserve in Cambridgeshire. Coinciding with an Art Trail, to be installed at the reserve during April 2018, the work on show at Babylon Arts reveals research, observations and lines of interest resulting from regular visits to the Fen at different seasons over two years. While both artists work in different ways, the shared insights and experience of immersing themselves in the environment and the 'spirit of place' have had a significant influence on their resulting work.

Sally Tyrie creates mixed media drawings and paintings which explore ideas to do with time, transition, absence and presence. The starting points, themes and directions to her work are influenced by a passion for natural history and the environment in particular. Material and process alongside methods of deconstruction and reconstruction play a central role in her work as a way to add dialogue and meaning.

Her recent work for ‘Reflections and Revelations’ uses as its starting point observations and ideas that have emerged after a series of visits to Wicken Fen Nature reserve, in particular an interest in the less visible and more easily overlooked aspects of life and presence. Working with multi layered mark making, primarily through photography and print making, her resulting works seek to explore these glimpses and traces of presence, whilst offering alternative ways of seeing and interpretations on this unique and magical environment.

Helen Terry’s work revolves around mark-making.  She usually works on cloth with dye and stitch and likes to experiment with different methods of generating marks.  She favours print and dye processes that allow scope for accidental and chance effects.  Currently this includes combinations of silkscreen, mono-print, collage and drawing. 

Helen’s work explores themes of ambiguity, change and in-between spaces and is inspired by places where water and land meet.  At Wicken Fen, she has been drawn to the views from the hides and reflections in the water.  Both offer a selective and indirect way of viewing things and result in fragmented images that invite alternative interpretations.

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