Robert Crack : Portraits - Past & Present 2017-19

Robert Crack :  Portraits - Past & Present 2017-19

Babylon Gallery, Waterside, Ely CB7 4AU
Tuesday - Sunday 12pm - 4pm
FREE entry

Robert Crack : Portraits - Past & Present 2017-19
Saturday 18 May - Sunday 16 June 2019

This is artist Robert Crack’s third exhibition of portrait oil paintings to be held at the Babylon Gallery.  It follows on from his two Stretham Connection exhibitions held  in 2015 and 2017. This latest two year project of portraits of friends and relations are interspersed with a selection of more personal pieces that were inspired by news events and circumstances which arose during the period. 

About the artist
Born in 1941 Robert Crack has lived, worked and painted in Cambridgeshire all his life. Having trained at Cambridge College of Art and Technology, he began his career as a sign writer. Some of his early heraldic work can still be seen today in and around the colleges of Cambridge. Much of his working life was spent in the graphic industry using litho and screen printing techniques.

Painting became a passion early in his life and using oil on canvas, wooden panels (The Floorboards Series) and mixed media he has created figurative images which give a narrative of the world around him.

In recent years he has concentrated on creating finely detailed portraits.

In 2015, The Babylon Gallery exhibited The Stretham Connection 2012-14. Much of his work has been exhibited in Cambridge using the Changing Spaces Scheme and in 2012 an exhibition was held at King’s College, Cambridge.

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