In Search of Home

Babylon Gallery is temporarily closed following Covid-19 restrictions (updated 5th January 2021).

Artwork by artist Helen Murray inspired by the idea of 'home'.

Helen explains more about her exhibition:

Settlement is an exhibition inspired by the idea of ‘home’; of finding a place, psychological or physical, which is solid, supportive and nurturing.  A place where, ideally, we can feel both protected and free.          

It is a theme which has often influenced my work; home never seems to be a completely settled place; change is inevitable but our homes give us a sense of belonging - the place, in Robert Frost’s words, ‘where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in’.  Some of the pieces are attempts to produce visual equivalents of the feelings evoked by historical and archaeological sites I have visited, others are simply playful experiments in visual storytelling; the narratives belonging to each viewer’s imagination.

Most of the work in this exhibition is layered mixed media on board, many using a grid format.  The grid appears to be a formal structure yet it offers immense scope and variety in terms of scale, tone and composition.  I use natural materials, stones, twigs, paper, shells, pieces of metal, collected from around my home and studio and from beaches on the Norfolk and Suffolk coast. 

I then draw and paint details onto the assembled piece until, hopefully, some harmony is achieved.

Watch Babylon ARTS' Chief Executive, Claire chat to artist Helen Murray about her exhibition and her practice here:

Watch the teaser of Helen's upcoming exhibition here:

Credit: Video by Steve Murray. Artwork featured by Helen Murray.

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