This Country Life - Babylon Gallery

This Country Life - Babylon Gallery

Selected Exhibition

Babylon Gallery, Waterside, Ely CB7 4AU
Continues to Sunday 19 March 

Open: Tuesday - Sunday 12 noon - 4pm.
FREE entry.

Inspired by the rural idyll, our landscape and countryside creatures the Babylon Gallery's  selected exhibition will be featuring work from six regional artists and makers. With a mix of paintings, prints, textiles & ceramics from: 

Andy English : Prints Andy English was born in West Norfolk and now lives and works near Ely in Cambridgeshire. He is a full time printmaker who has chosen the difficult medium of wood engraving to make his small, detailed images.

His work is engraved onto the polished endgrain of blocks of boxwood and then printed using Victorian handpresses. Andy is in great demand as an illustrator. Other commissions include album cover art and a miniature sheet of stamps on the theme of honeybees for Royal Mail. His personal work frequently features the landscape and wildlife of his beloved Fenlands.

Anna Osborne:  Textiles Following a training in ceramics and a variety of jobs Anna launched The Speculating Rook in 2013.  Specialising in free machine embroidery she uses vintage wool blankets, linen, sari silk and other fabrics that catch her eye and imagination to create a range of cushions, lampshades and small bags.  All designs originate from Anna’s sketchbooks and take their inspiration from the flora and fauna of the East Anglian landscape in which she lives.

Claire Cockayne: The local landscape and natural form is a primary source for me because of its intrinsic joy and the beautiful surroundings that are on my doorstep. I walk every day, and have found I have become fascinating by routine. The same journey changes daily:  the people I meet, the conversations I have, the light, the colours, the weather, and the landscape. This has become my main focus. I also enjoy including objects that I particularly like and incorporate them in my work. I don't wholly understand the feeling of mystery that surrounds them but I know I want them there. Often I find myself including the landscape in the object: the differentiation of focus is a visually complex subject. I like to question the reality between the subject and its reflection

Jo Tunmer: Visual Artist Jo Tunmer explores notions of time and reality through fragments of memory. Her goal is to encourage those who see her work to look for the unexpected. They might discover text incorporated within a print, or be left intrigued by her use of blended colour which can leave the viewer wondering what lies beyond what is immediately visible.

Jo is captivated by process - either by the layering of oil paint on canvas or by ink and paper through printmaking. The print methods she works with are photopolymer etching, lithography combined with film and photography. Sometimes working with alternative materials­ - perspex, aluminum, and wood - adds further intrigue.

Alongside Jo's practice, she runs corporate or personal workshops and individual bespoke oil painting lessons. She also is known for creating and curating events for other Artists, for example she is one of the 3 founders of The Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale.

Lyz Gardner: Lyz is an East Anglian landscape Artist specializing in Oil Pastels. She prefers to work with dry media, using her hands rather than  a brush to mix the colours on the surface. Lyz then builds up many textured  layers of the medium which is then etched into with a palette knife or pencil. This process and technique is what defines her work.

After a degree in Visual Arts from the University of Lancaster Lyz travelled widely throughout the British Isles. It is these coasts, woods, fields and dales that she draws upon in her work.

Lyz is fascinated with how landscapes seem to act as a store for our emotions and memories.  Lyz hopes that her attempts to capture landscapes resonate in this way with the viewer

Tracy Whinray: Ceramic Artist

Image : Jo Tumner, Close up. Below : Andy English (Tending Young), Anna Osbourne (Badger), Lyz Gardener, Claire Cockayne.


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