Together in Isolation - Postcard Project

Together in Isolation - Postcard Project

Babylon ARTS invites you to get creative and come together in isolation for our postcard project. The theme is ‘Together in Isolation’ and we’re inviting you to design or write a postcard for a future exhibition at Babylon Gallery and an online exhibition now.

Your postcard could be inspired by your time in isolation, on how you feel, the thoughts, memories or ideas that you would like to capture, or what you’re looking forward to on the other side! There are two ways to get involved:


We are looking for postcard sized entries from everyone – you could be a professional, amateur or first-time artist to take part in our charity fundraising exhibition. 

We welcome drawing, printing, painting, photography, textiles, digital art, collage and mixed media, as long as it’s 2 dimensional.  We are looking for a range of styles and techniques, as well as work from all ages and experience levels.  

The assembled postcards will form part of an exhibition when Babylon Gallery re-opens and we’ll also be sharing the entries as they arrive in an online exhibition

All artwork will be on display at Babylon Gallery, with 60 designs being selected for framing and sale. For more details on how to submit your postcard design, please click here.


You can also get involved by submitting a short-written response on a postcard. Consider what might you want to say to yourself in a years’ time about your life now.

Was there anything unexpected about living in ‘lockdown’? Have you developed a new skill or done something you’ve never had time for before? Have you an anecdote you would like to capture? Have there been challenges you’re overcoming that may help with your perspective in the future? Have you got to know your neighbours more?

These will be displayed anonymously as part of an exhibition when Babylon Gallery re-opens. If you wish to include your name and address on the back of the postcard, we will post your postcard back in a years’ time as a memory captured in isolation. 

Postcard Size

A6 = 148 x 105mm

If you do not have any appropriate paper for your ‘design’ and/or ‘written response’ please email to be sent a blank postcard. Blank postcards are also available for collection in the Perspex box outside the Babylon Gallery’s riverside door (supplies will be replenished as often as possible).

Providing us with your Design or Written Response

You can post your design or written response to us (if it is safe for you to pass a postbox on your daily exercise), drop it into the The Babylon Gallery letterbox (again if you would be passing on your daily exercise) or take a photo/scan of the design and email it to We will want to receive the original, when it is safe for you to send it to us/drop it in, as these will go into the exhibition.

If you are submitting a design response, please include a copy of the form above. 

The postal address is: Babylon Gallery, Waterside, Ely, CB7 4AU.

Registered Charity No. 1043197

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