ADeC is a proud supporter of Fenland Jam

Fenland Jam is a community group set up to support local musicians. All ages, styles and abilities are welcome and it is a chance to socialise with other musicians, try out songs and maybe form a band.

All drums, amps, PA and guitars are provided and people are always on hand to give advice, encouragement and impromptu lessons.

Where & When:

Ely Beet Sports & Social Club (Lynn Road, Ely).
Last Monday of the month (except December).
7 – 9.30pm.
Entrance £2

Fenland Jam was founded by Steve Mingay MBE in 2005. In 2006 Steve teamed up with Nathan at ADeC to help develop and expand its activities. In 2007 Fenland Jam formed an official committee and a constitution was adopted with the following objectives:

  1. To provide an opportunity for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to come together to make music, socialise and share ideas.
  2. To make the opportunity to create music accessible to all.
  3. To support, teach and encourage musicians.
  4. To allow individuals to play as part of a band.
  5. To encourage people to become involved in their local music scene and develop a musical community.

Since 2006 ADeC has promoted and organised Fenland Jam’s activities and helped them to secure funding from: The Big Lottery,Youth Bank, The Local Network Fund, Tesco, The Cambridge Community Foundation and Youth Music.

Ely Beet Club
Littleport Regal
March Town Hall
Wicken Village Hall
Earith Youth Club
Ely Folk Festival
Sawtry Youth Club
Waterbeach Social Club
Ely Jubilee Gardens
Haddenham Steam Rally
Littleport Show
The Lamb Hotel
YPM Youth Club, March

Littleport Scout Hut
The Glebe, Sutton
The Garage Youth Club
The Kings Arms
Ely Maltings
Haddenham Arkenstall Centre
Wicken Fete
Ely Aquafest
Lighthouse Auditorium
YPL Littleport
Yaxley Youth Club
Stetchworth Beer Festival
Bottisham Village College
Soham Beer Festival

Come along and have a chat with Steve, Nathan, Lorry and the other Jammers, have a listen and maybe join in!

Fenland Jam has had a massive input on my life and I am very grateful for everything that everyone has done this year.
Brilliant experience, fun to feel what it is like to be recording and what my future career will be like.
Fenland Jam is awesome! It’s helped us greatly.
The experience was just amazing; I would absolutely love to do it again.

Extracts from Fenland Jam workshop evaluation forms.

I was walking in Jubilee Gardens in Ely on Saturday when I noticed the bandstand being prepared, so I sat down for the afternoon as people of all ages played and sang together. One of the organisers announced that that they were from Fenland Jam. Although I don’t play an instrument myself, I really enjoyed the concert and there was no hint of trouble. I know people write in your paper moaning about local issues so I thought it was time to write something positive.

Extract from a letter printed in the Ely Standard

I did a Fenland Jam one Friday and it kept me off the streets. I’m really glad with what I achieved as I made my own song, sent it to a record company and they replied back saying they’d think about taking me on when I was 18. That’s like a dream come true, but I could never have done it if it wasn’t for Fenland Jam as they’ve really helped me understand the music business and putting on shows to the public is the most amazing experience ever.

Extract from a letter printed in the Ely Standard

The five young people Nathan has advised are all young musicians. They have enjoyed a very intense and demanding programme and have developed skills and confidence in abundance. Their portfolios were well organised, personal and informative.

Extract from Arts Award qualification moderator’s report


Natalie Szulc

I first heard about Fenland Jam in January 2007 when I was 15. I was apprehensive about going because I’d never played in front of anybody before. I went to my first Jam and played a very rough Mötley Crüe cover on the guitar. I had never expected to do anything remarkably big with music, but after the first session I had joined and formed my first band.

After this, my confidence started to build and I looked forward to the Jams every month. I started gaining a lot more from going. I was picking up little tips here and there from guitarists such as Steve, Nathan and Gary.

Fenland Jam started setting up gigs and workshops and l had lots of opportunities to gain experience. It helped me develop as a musician, as a songwriter and actually as a person in general.

Through Fenland Jam I achieved my Bronze and Silver Arts Awards. I recorded songs that I’d written, played lots of big gigs and learnt more skills. In 2010 I completed my Gold Arts Award by organizing a ‘Poetry Jam’ event where poets and musicians got together and combined the two cultures. The Gold Arts Award let me have full control of the project and it's been useful learning how to prioritize! I have found myself appreciating not only the art form itself, but also the work that goes on behind the scenes.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to join the Fenland Jam and meet all of the great people. It’s helped me immensely. Now, four years later, I’m volunteering with the Fenland Jam as an assistant member of staff and still gaining experience and knowledge from every session.

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