'Together in Isolation' Postcard Gallery

This project has now come to a close. A big thank you to everyone who submitted their postcard.

Here are the Together in Isolation Postcards we've received:

Image 1: (Front) By Evie-Jean Clark, age 5

Image 2: (Back) By Evie-Jean Clark, age 5

Image 3: Let's Stay Home by Florence Rose


Image 4: Lockdown Life by Beth Hartley

Image 5: Rainbow Flowers by Evie Somerville

Image 6: Somewhere A Broad by Jo Scarff

Image 7: Distant Hope by Catherine Ruth Garters

Image 8: By Phil Mizen

Image 9: Pandemic Poetry by Beth Hartley

Image 10: Constant Companion by Jo Scarff

Image 11: Cold Comfort by David Cook

Image 12: Wish You Were Here! by Jo Scarff


Image 13: Keep Together and Hold Hands by Marianna Kay, age 8

Image 14: Delicate Wings on the Breeze by Rebecca Dawkins

Image 15: Untitled by N. Hogg

Image 16: Converse 1 by Alex Gordon

Image 17: Converse 2 by Alex Gordon

Image 18: My First Steps - Accomplished in Isolation by Ollie Beale, age 1


Image 19: The Best Chance by Ellen Almond

Image 20: One Day... by Sophie Neville

Image 21: My First Steps - The World is My Oyster by Ollie Beale, age 1

Image 22: My First Steps in Isolation by Ollie Beale, age 1

Image 23: The Clocks Struck Thirteen by Ellen Almond

Image 24: Converse 3 by Alex Gordon


Image 25: Converse 4 by Alex Gordon

Image 26: Lockdown Prints by Helen, Dan and Adalina

Image 27: By Ely Resident


Image 28: Nature is Thriving Block Printing by Alison Powell

Image 29: Caught in the Act (Photo Taken 13th May Jubliee Gardens Ely) by Shirley Overall

Image 30: Untitled by Henry Kay, age 6

Image 31: Converse 5 by Alex Gordon

Image 32: Ripples on a Surface by Liz Hunter

Image 33: Converse 6 by Alex Gordon


Image 34: The Waking of the British Landscape by Judith Lockyear

Image 35: Our Patchwork Perfect Landscape by Judith Lockyear

Image 36: The Waking of the British Landscape Spring into Summer by Judith Lockyear


Image 37: Isolation Baking & Rainbows by Loueen Morrison

Image 38 & 39: By Stuart Green 

Image 40 & 41: By Mrs S Orpin

Image 42: My Rainbow Life in Lockdown by Herminoe, age 22 months


Image 43: Rainbow Love Hearts Block Printing by Alison Powell

Image 44: Shattered by Milicent Fambrough

Image 45: Doors by Milicent Fambrough (@milicent210)

Image 46: Dawson the Duck by Rachel Holmes 

Image 47: Forget Me Not by Gillian Leeper

Image 48: Now and Then by Susan Keeble

Image 49 & 50: Nourish Our Environment by Anne Bino

Image 51: A View from my Window by Yvette Cobley

Image 52: Comfort by Jake Robinson, age 10

Image 53: Rainbow Dreams by Emma Berry

Image 54: Untitled by Valentina Smyk, age 5

Image 55: Lockdown Memories by Margaret Leeke

Image 56: Misty Morning 7th April 20 by Sally Peters

Image 57: Untitled by Ted Coney

Image 58 & 59: Covid-19 Dos & Don'ts by Rean Chriswin, age 6

Image 60: Untitled by Lesley Griffin

Image 61: Fish by Liz Hunter

Image 62 & 63: Virus Prevention by Reanna Clare, age 8

Image 64: Muscovy Lockdown by Sally Peters

Image 65: Untitled by Ted Coney

Image 66: Here and Now by Susan Keeble

Image 67: Hope [1] by Milicent Famborough

Image 68 & 69: Home Sweet Home by Anne Bino

Image 70: Companionable Cat by David Cook

Image 71: A Picture of Someone Coughing! by Penny, age 4

Image 72: Wearing my new mask whilst out shopping by Adam

Image 73: Sing me a song beautiful bird (Front) by Tessa Guy, age 14

Image 74: Sing me a song beautiful bird (Back) by Tessa Guy, age 14

Image 75: Hope [2] by Milicente Famborough

Image 76: Untitled by Anonymous

Image 77: Thornham Saltmarsh by David Cook

Image 78: Shopping in Lockdown by Loueen Morrison

Image 79 & 80: Fragrance by Anne Bino

Image 81: Untitled by Lesley Griffin

Image 82: By Iwona Smyk

Image 83: Spikeman by Ted Beckwith

Image 84: Somewhere in my Mind by Harriet Frost

Image 85: Snails Odyssey by Ted Beckwith

Image 86 & 87: Amaze Yourselves by Anne Bino

Image 88: Nurse by Natasha Alker

Image 89: Window by Natasha Alker

Image 90: Violin by Natasha Alker

Image 91 & 92: Are You Listening by Anne Bino

Image 93 & 94: See Through by Anne Bino

Image 95 & 96: The Land of Smiles by Anne Bino

Image 97 & 98: Never Lose Hope by Anne Bino

Image 99 & 100: Make It Happen by Anne Bino

Image 101 & 102: Nothing Impossible I'm Possible by Anne Bino

Image 103 & 104: Tune In by Anne Bino

Image 105 & 106: Battle of the Senses by Anne Bino

Image 107 & 108: Be An Inspiration by Anne Bino

Image 109 & 110: Go On With Confidence by Anne Bino

Image 111 & 112: Enjoy Your Game by Anne Bino

Image 113 & 114: Head and Heart Theory by Anne Bino

Image 115 & 116: Laughing Your Sorrows Away by Anne Bino

Image 117 & 118: Key To Success by Anne Bino

Image 119 & 120: Live Together by Anne Bino

Image 121 & 122: Love One Another by Anne Bino


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