'Together in Isolation' Postcard Gallery

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their postcard. If you'd like to get involved, click here to find out more. Here are the Together in Isolation Postcards we've received so far:


Image 1: (Front) By Evie-Jean Clark, age 5

Image 2: (Back) By Evie-Jean Clark, age 5

Image 3: Let's Stay Home by Florence Rose

Image 4: Lockdown Life by Beth Hartley


Image 5: Rainbow Flowers by Evie Somerville

Image 6: Somewhere A Broad by Jo Scarff


Image 7: Distant Hope by Catherine Ruth Garters

Image 8: By Phil Mizen


Image 9: Pandemic Poetry by Beth Hartley

Image 10: Keep Together and Hold Hands by Marianna Kay, age 8


Image 11: Constant Companion by Jo Scarff

Image 12: Wish You Were Here! by Jo Scarff


Image 13: Delicate Wings on the Breeze by Rebecca Dawkins

Image 14: Untitled by N. Hogg


Image 15: Converse 1 by Alex Gordon

Image 16: Converse 2 by Alex Gordon


​Image 17: My First Steps - Accomplished in Isolation by Ollie Beale, age 1

Image 18: The Best Chance by Ellen Almond


Image 19: One Day... by Sophie Neville

Image 20: My First Steps - The World is My Oyster by Ollie Beale, age 1

Image 21: My First Steps in Isolation by Ollie Beale, age 1

Image 22: The Clocks Struck Thirteen by Ellen Almond


Image 23: Converse 3 by Alex Gordon

Image 24: Converse 4 by Alex Gordon


Image 25: Lockdown Prints by Helen, Dan and Adalina

Image 26: By Ely Resident


Image 27: Caught in the Act (Photo Taken 13th May Jubliee Gardens Ely) by Shirley Overall

Image 28: Untitled by Henry Kay, age 6

Image 29: By Stuart Green


Image 30: Converse 5 by Alex Gordon

Image 31: Converse 6 by Alex Gordon


Image 32: Our Patchwork Perfect Landscape by Judith Lockyear

Image 33: The Waking of the British Landscape by Judith Lockyear


Image 34 & 35: By Stuart Green 

Image 36 & 37: By Mrs S Orpin


Image 38: 'Shattered' by Milicent Fambrough

Image 39: 'Doors' by Milicent Fambrough (See more of her work @milicent210)

Image 40: 'Dawson the Duck' by Rachel Holmes 

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