Getting to Babylon Cinema

We are a part-time cinema with screenings (usually two days per week) at The Maltings on Ely's Riverside. We are easily accessible by car or public transport.

By train: The Maltings and Babylon Gallery, just 7-10 minutes walk from Ely Railway Station which offers regular services to and from Cambridge, London Kings Cross, Norwich and Ipswich. Find out more about train connections to Ely at Greater Anglia.

On foot: Head for the riverside (see the tourist finger post signs in Ely city centre). We are just a short walk next to Riverside Bar & Kitchen (The Maltings) and Peacocks Tearooms (Babylon Gallery).

By car: There is free parking throughout the whole of Ely. The nearest car park is Ship Lane car-park, it can get busy on Thursdays (market day) and on Sundays particularly during the summer months so do allow yourself extra time for popular screenings.


The Babylon Cinema is located at The Maltings in Ely. It is fully wheelchair accessible, with a drop-off point located outside the main door, as well as level access from the Ship Lane car park. There is an accessible toilet on the ground floor. Our stewards are always at hand to give directions if needed.

Cinema location map

Wheelchair access

For screenings in our socially distanced, cabaret-style cinema screenings, all seats are wheelchair accessible. Please simply add a note to your booking when you checkout to tell us if you'd like to remain in your chair for the screening, or transfer to a seat.

For screenings on our raked seating, please get in touch with the Box Office to book a wheelchair-accessible seat.

Assistance dogs

We have seats with additional space for assistance dogs (subject to availability).

What to expect when you arrive

If you are worried about getting around the cinema, or find new environments stressful, you can see inside the Babylon Cinema in advance by exploring our 360° tour below or visiting 

Subtitled screenings & induction loop

Induction loop system

The auditorium has an induction loop system. To use, simply adjust your hearing aid to the 'T' or 'M' position.

Subtitled screenings

We always try to ensure we programme several Subtitled and Descriptive Subtitled screenings per month. If we have multiple screenings of a film, there will be one subtitled screening (if they are provided by the film distributor).

  • Subtitled films include the spoken dialogue and are often provided in foreign language films.
  • Descriptive Subtitles (sometimes know as Open Caption or HOH subtitles) also include text for all spoken dialogue. However, they also include text description of other non-spoken sounds to provide a more complete experience for Deaf/deaf or hearing-impaired audience members.

Members of the Cambridgeshire Deaf Association can book discounted £5 tickets for subtitled or Descriptive Subtitled screenings. Please show your CDA membership card on arrival.

Essential Carer/Companion tickets

Babylon Arts is committed to ensuring that our events are accessible to all. If a customer requires the assistance of a full-time carer or personal assistant to enable them to come to a cinema screening, they may be eligible for a free Carer/Companion ticket (subject to availability).

Am I eligible?

Every situation is different, so it is hard to provide definitive rules. In order to help you decide if you might be eligble, we've put together some examples below. This doesn't cover all possibilities, but we hope it gives you an idea of when a Carer/Companion ticket might be suitable.

  • A customer who needs the support of a carer or personal assistant to get around or provide guidance would be eligible for a Carer/Companion ticket.
  • A customer who sometimes attends performances alone but with a companion at other times may not require the services of carer/companion. In this instance, each member of the party would be asked to purchase a ticket at the normal price. However, consideration will be given to the fact that the disabled customer may need more assistance at certain times. This depends on the nature of their disability or illness.
  • If a customer is able to cope independently but cannot drive, this would not normally entitle the driver to a free Carer/Companion ticket.
  • The parent/guardian of a child who cannot attend independently due to their age (e.g. they are under 16) would not normally be eligible for a Carer/Companion ticket.

Booking with a Carer/Companion

If you think you are eligible for a free Carer/Companion ticket, please tell us when you book, either by phone or online. However, please don't be offended if we ask to check your eligibility, or have a relaxed conversation about your situation, when you arrive.

The use of a free Carer/Companion ticket is ultimately at the discretion of the Cinema Duty Manager or event supervisor. Should you feel our policy has been applied unfairly, please contact the Box Office and Administation Officer to discuss the matter further.

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