Perfect Days (PG)

A reserved, kind-hearted Tokyo janitor finds beauty in the ordinary in this gentle and quietly poignant drama. Although suitable for children, the film will mainly appeal to older viewers.

Hirayama, a contemplative middle-aged man who lives a life of modesty and serenity, spends his days balancing his job as a dutiful caretaker of Tokyo's numerous public toilets with his passion for music, literature and photography. As we join him on his structured daily routine, a series of unexpected encounters gradually begin to reveal a hidden past that lies behind his otherwise content and harmonious life. 

This highly anticipated return to fiction feature filmmaking from Wim Wenders celebrates the hidden joys and minutiae of Japensese culture. Combining a refreshingly un-stereotypical depiction of Tokyo with a soundtrack of iconic hits from the 60s and 80s, this is a subtle, shimmering and ultimately life-affirming marvel that champions the meditative beauty of the everyday world around us. 

Running time: 2h 5m

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