The Drover's Wife (15)

The Legend of Molly Johnson. A drama in which a mother defends her Outback homestead in her husband's absence.

1893, the Australian Outback. The area is rough, the people hard-nosed, the law rather secondary. Here, women - and newcomers anyway - quickly become the pawn of men. Even Nate Clintoff, who is new in town to keep law and order, still has to fight for his place in the hierarchy. Molly Johnson, heavily pregnant and alone with her children on a farm far from town, knows her place only too well. Nevertheless, she doesn't let it get her down. She does everything to protect her children. Everything.

  • Director: Leah Purcell
  • Starring: Leah Purcell, Gregg Arthur, Craig Bourke
  • Genre: Drama • Western • Thriller • History
  • Running time: 1h 49m
  • Seating: Raked style
  • BBFC guidance: sexual violence, racism, domestic abuse, strong violence, language

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