Breaking Barriers: with Jass Thethi from Intersectional GLAM

Breaking Barriers: with Jass Thethi from Intersectional GLAM

  • Date & Time: Tuesday 18 January at 1pm to 3pm
  • Price: £5.00 per person
  • Venue: This session will take place on Zoom and will be auto-captioned

An open space to discuss your barriers to submitting an expression of interest to The Library Presents Artist Call Outs, with a focus on the barriers faced by creatives who identify as being from minoritized communities, LGBTQIA+, Neuro-divergent, disabled and / or are from working class backgrounds.

The workshop session will offer support to overcome these barriers, and help build confidence, facilitated by Jass Thethi, founder of Intersectional GLAM, the Well Spoken Tokens podcast and the 2021 Disrupt & Empower conference. 

It is also an opportunity to network and share ideas or experiences with other creatives working in the sector.

A Little Bit About the Speaker

Jass Thethi is the Managing Director and Founder of Intersectional GLAM, Well Spoken Tokens and the 2021 Conference: Disrupt and Empower. She is a Specialist and Leader of Diversity and Inclusion. She uses her personal experiences of working as a Queer, Disabled, woman of colour in the cultural sector to inform trailblazing bespoke training, platforming diversity, inclusion and intersectionality above all.

In 2020 we surveyed creative practitioners across Cambridgeshire, to help us understand what development opportunities are needed most. We had over 130 responses, with many practitioners looking for advice & peer support.

Now, as part of The Library Presents’ commitment to artist development, we are excited to offer a series of talks and workshops, all designed to support you. With advice from submitting an expression of interest to our artist call out, to giving you all the tools you need to be a successful creative freelancer.

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