The Weather Machine

The Weather Machine

Join us in October half-term for a free dance performance in Ely market place.

The Weather Machine is a playful outdoor work for young children and their families, where two witty characters make magic out of dance and weather – from the pitter patter of the lightest rain shower to the awesome howl of a storm, from footsteps in the snow to a joyful celebration of sunshine.

Watch a trailer for the performance by clicking here

The Weather Machine is an entertaining, playful & interactive dance performance on the themes of weather & the seasons. The Weather Mechanicals are quirky, retro, Laurel & Hardy style characters, performed by two dancers, who with humour, physicality & gentle messaging invite audiences to observe them as they grapple & strain to stay in control of the fantabulous Weather Machine. 

The Weather Machine, a metaphor for Climate emergency, through playful expression and gentle interaction engages children and their families in an exchange with a matter that might otherwise appear worrying. This piece is a non-verbal dance theatre show that takes the audience in a journey through clear dramaturgy and virtuosic physical performers.

 Do the Weather Mechanicals control the weather or does the weather control them? 

Artistic Director & Choreographer: Kate Flatt
Performers: Chloe Mead and Rudzani Moleya
Sound Designer: Dan Frost
Designers: Kaiya Wearea & Finn Cooke
Original Cast: Aaron Vickers
Producer: Lia Prentaki:
Photos: Jack Thompson 
This event is supported by Ely Markets.
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