Call out for Ely Eel Day

Call out for Ely Eel Day

Babylon ARTS and Basecoat Collective are looking for artists and creatives to trade with us on a stall at Ely Eel Day. 

Basecoat Collective are a group of talented young and emerging creatives who have worked in association with Babylon ARTS on a range of projects. Now they are organising a market stall at Ely Eel Day, where they hope to showcase and sell work from local artists and creatives. If you are interested, please send submissions to with the subject line 'Eel Day Submission' by 20th April 2024. 


Further details:

Date of Market Stall: Saturday 4th May

Deadline for submissions: Wednesday 20th April

What we are looking to sell: Artwork, such as prints, bags, jewellery, or anything that reflects your creative work.


To enter, please send submissions to

and include:

- the subject line 'Eel Day Submission'

- Images of what you'd like to sell 

- Price (including commission)

- Inventory of how many you'd like to give us to sell


If chosen:

- Dates for dropping off work: will be confirmed nearer the time

- Where to drop off work: Babylon Gallery, Waterside, Ely, CB7 4AU

- Commission: Please be aware Babylon and Associates will be taking 30% + VAT of any sales.

About the Eel Day:

Ely's annual Eel Day pays homage to the city's long association with the humble eel, its main export for hundreds of years in medieval times. Originating in 2004, the festival has grown into a weekend-long celebration, featuring various activities such as an Eel Throwing Competiiton, eel admiration activities, town crier competition, and a high-end food and drink festival. 

About Basecoat Collective:

Basecoat collective is a group of talented young and emerging creatives, each with their own unique artistic flair, coming together as a creative network. They have collaborated on various projects, including the creation of "The House" exhibition, which featured sculptures made from recycled materials. Additionally, they have conducted workshops at Ely Market and the Fitzwilliam Museum, as well as co-curating the 'Sensing Nature' exhibition.

Please note that not all submissions will be selected. Pieces will be chosen by a panel from Babylon ARTS and Basecoat Collective.  

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