Let's All Create Activity Pack

Let's All Create Activity Pack

Following the success of the Festival Bridges first pack, which was distributed during May half term, by amazing on-the-ground distribution networks to over 7,500 families who might not have access to digital resources (the first pack can be found here). The second pack has been created by 25 local artists and is being delivered ahead of the summer holidays to up to 18,000 families.

Although designed for off-line, you can print at home or in school and share it further. If you use either pack, email bridge@nnfestival.org.uk to share what you’ve done. 

These challenges are designed to be fun for all ages, from 2 to 92, and you could do them by yourself or with other people in your household.

Whoever you are, wherever this finds you, we hope that these activities will bring you fun, joy, discovery, and
connection. We’ve commissioned artists who live and work here in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Peterborough,
and Suffolk to create the challenges.

To download the activity pack in black and white, please click here

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