Sensing Nature exhibition has a hugely successful opening weekend

Sensing Nature exhibition has a hugely successful opening weekend

On Friday 1st March, Sensing Nature opened at Babylon Gallery. This multi-sensory exhibition comprises of a variety of artwork, including sound pieces, tactile artworks that visitors are invited to handle and touch, and visual artworks, some of which have been translated into raised drawings. Elements of the exhibition also explore scent and taste. An audio guide has been created for the exhibition, which guides visitors around the displays, with detailed descriptions of specific artworks.

The Secretary of State for Culture, Lucy Frazer paid a visit to the gallery on its opening day and spent time looking around the exhibition and talking to the Baylon ARTS team.

On Saturday 2nd March, an official opening event was held. This was attended by composer Tom Adams, artist Kaitlin Ferguson, and many other artists who were selected from the open call. The day was a celebration of the hard work put in by so many people throughout this project, with talks given by Michael Corley, CEO of Babylon ARTS, and by two members of Basecoat Collective, the group of young curators who curated this exhibition.

Sensing Nature is part of a wider project called Inspired by Nature, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Babylon ARTS are working in partnership with Ely Museum, RNIB and the National Trust’s Wicken Fen Nature Reserve to develop creative approaches that facilitate connection and engagement with nature for people with low vision, children, young people and the wider public.


Experience the exhibition online here.

Sensing Nature is on from Friday 1st March at Babylon Gallery until Sunday 24th March. Babylon Gallery is open Tuesday to Sunday, 12pm to 4pm with free entry. 

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