The Weather Machine makes a splash in Ely Markets

The Weather Machine makes a splash in Ely Markets

On Wednesday 27th October, Babylon ARTS collaborated with Ely Markets to bring a dance performance called The Weather Machine to Ely Market Place.

The two free performances entertained around 240 children and their families during the afternoon.

Directed by Kate Flatt, The Weather Machine is a playful outdoor work, where two witty characters make magic out of dance and weather – from the pitter patter of the lightest rain shower to the awesome howl of a storm, from footsteps in the snow to a joyful celebration of sunshine.

Babylon ARTS’ Chief Executive, Claire Somerville said “We were delighted to  team-up with Ely Markets again and would like to thank them for their support. The team and I particularly enjoyed watching the young children dance-along with the performers. We have plans for more dance and theatre performances in 2022.”

The Weather Machine is intended as an entertaining and interactive dance that also explores serious issues including the current Climate emergency. Through playful expression and gentle interaction, the performers engaged with children and their families. 

Visit Babylon ARTS Events page for updates on future events. 

The Weather Machine Collage Image

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