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Many young people are anxious about how COVID-19 could affect their career opportunities.

Careermap aims to provide meaningful support throughout this unbelievably challenging period. With help from top employers, charities working to end educational inequality and the UK's largest training providers, they've compiled a list of useful articles and opportunities for teachers, career leaders and students.

How to get my first job

It can feel daunting making the decision to take your first steps into the world of work but it doesn’t have to be.

Careermap have put together a fully comprehensive guide providing support for securing your first job or apprenticeship. Early career recruitment experts from Capgemini, who are global leaders in consulting, technology services and digital transformation, and QA Ltd, the UK's biggest training provider share top tips. 

Not going to uni

Decided you’re not going to uni? Wondering what to do instead? You have options!

Whether you’ve decided you want to avoid student debt, take a break from education or kick-start your career, there is an extensive range of opportunities available! Not going to uni isn’t the be-all and end-all. University isn’t the right route for everyone and there’s a whole world of options!

Prepare your pupils for success

The UK’s poorest children have always had to work harder to keep up with their wealthier peers. The current global crisis has made it even more challenging for them.

Teach First are offering training at zero cost to boost careers education across your school and accelerate towards the Gatsby Benchmarks.

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