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Gods and Athletes at the Museum of Classical Archaeology

Gods and Athletes at the Museum of Classical Archaeology

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The Museum of Classical Archaeology is dedicated to the study and teaching of the classical past through the material and visual cultures of ancient Greece and Rome. The Museum is part of the University of Cambridge Museums, a consortium of the eight University Museums and the Cambridge University Botanic Garden.

Are your children studying Key Stage 2 Ancient Greeks at school? The Museum of Classical Archaelogy has turned the pack schools use to tour the museum into online resources, to help you support your children as they learn at home.

While it isn't possible to visit the Museum and Cast Gallery, they have put together downloadable home learning packs to explore the Museum from afar - with no need to venture out of the house.

Using our KS2 Ancient Greek resources, you can explore the following Greek Sculpture topics:

  • Be amazed by the colourful painted Peplos Kore and think about the effects of paint
  • Meet some of the Greek Gods and Goddesses - and learn how to tell them apart
  • Find out more about ancient athletics - and how competitive the Greeks were
  • Talking of competition, find out more about war and how much the Greeks liked to fight
  • Learn about the famous hero, Hercules (or, as the Greeks called him, Herakles)

To find out more and access the activities please click here.

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