Take part in Babylon Gallery's newest exhibition

Take part in Babylon Gallery's newest exhibition

How would you fill a fourteen-day diary?

As part of our Babylon Young Curators project, we have produced a set of fourteen-day diaries which we will be posting out for free, to fill in on a subject of your choice. We ask that these diaries are returned once completed, so that they can be showcased within No Frost at Night, a contemporary art exhibition curated by Sid White-Jones.

With your input, we will be able to create a new archive of diaries, which we hope will provide a wealth of information from our local community, all recorded at a time of great uncertainty. Showcasing these diaries within No Frost at Night will give visitors the opportunity to gain a unique insight into the current thoughts, feelings and emotions of those around them.

This opportunity is open to all. We look forward to seeing how you use your diary!
To get involved:

  • Let us know that you are interested in one of our free diaries by emailing us at office@babylonarts.org.uk, using ‘Diary request’ in the subject line. Within the email, please provide your full name and the address that you would like your diary posted to. 

  • Once your email has been received your diary will be posted out to you, along with a prepaid return envelope.

  • Complete your fourteen-day diary.

  • Place your finished diary into the prepaid return envelope provided and return it to us by post (our address will be pre-printed on the envelope) or drop it in the letterbox at the back door of the Babylon Gallery. 

Please read:

Should you wish for your diary to be included within No Frost at Night, please make sure to return it to us by Monday 3rd May 2021. By returning your diary, you commit to sharing it with the public during the No Frost at Night exhibition and give permission for reproductions to be shared online for promotional purposes. If you wish for your diary to remain anonymous then please provide an alias within the ‘this diary belongs to’ section or leave it blank.

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