Babylon Young Associates

As part of our Arts Council England funded Babylon Young Curators (BYCs) programme, this year we also have 10 Young Associates working with us on projects, installations and community engagement via the arts. 

Participants of the programme benefit from professional development workshops from a variety of experienced and inspiring creative professionals, as well as an opportunity to conceive and curate an exciting project centred around Ely Market in August 2023. Supported as a group by Liz Falconbridge, the Babylon Young Curators Project Manager, as well as the Babylon ARTS team , participants ultimately become the ‘youth voice’ of Babylon Arts, informing our work and programmes across the cultural sector.

Our Babylon Young Curators for this programme are Bethany Haysom and Nancy Mead:

'I applied because it seemed like a great opportunity to enter the creative industries and to learn about curation. I have an artistic background, and love art, so feel like the programme looks perfect for me. I love how curation can tell a story through artwork. I am excited about learning the skills needed to enter the creative industries', Bethany Haysom.

'My work as a Fine Art Photographer has been informed by the art and objects I have discovered in galleries and museums, I would like to gain an insight into the role of Curator in the planning and preparation of a successful exhibition. I know that collaboratin with artists and industry professionals will challenge and enthuse me and I hope to learn what it takes to create spaces that inspire others.' Nancy Mead.


Babylon Young Curator, Bethany Haysom, recently curated her first exhibition, I am Because We are. The exhibition focused on community, culture and humanity, exploring the philosophy of Ubuntu, a belief that as humans we have a responsibility to one another, and that we are a culmination of the people around us.
Take a look at the exhibition via the interactive MatterPort 3d scan below.



Liz Falconbridge, Babylon Young Curators Project Manager, and Beth Haysom, Babylon Young Curator, host an Artists' Panel discussion for the exhibition 'I Am Because We Are' (Babylon Gallery, 29th June - 23rd July 2023).

Liz Falconbridge, Babylon Young Curators Project Manager, explains more about this opportunity for young people to get involved in curation.


Olu Taiwo shares his experience of the Babylon Young Curators pilot project 2020.


Sid White-Jones shares his experience of the pilot Babylon Young Curators' project in 2020.



Our 2020 Young Curators - Sid and Olu

We were very pleased to offer two places on the Babylon Young Curators programme to Olu Taiwo and Sid White-Jones. Olu and Sid started with us in September 2020 working alongside the Babylon team and their mentors. In spring 2021, they both presented their exhibitions; No Frost at Night by Sid White-Jones and I Matter by Olu Taiwo.

Having completed the programme, Sid and Olu have gone on to pursue their creative careers. Sid White-Jones has gained a job in Arts Development at Peterborough Museum and continues to develop his photographic work. Olu is assisting in the touring of his exhibition, I Matter and is looking towards a future in curation as well as developing his own creative practice.

Click here to view the virtual tour of Olu's exhibition I Matter.

Click here to view the virtual tour of Sid's exhibition No Frost at Night.


Olu (photo: left) and Sid (photo: right) at Babylon Gallery.

Babylon Young Curators is a year-long programme supported using public funding by Arts Council England.  The programme is committed to giving professional development and support to young people wishing to explore a career in the visual arts.  Our Young Curators have the opportunity to learn new skills, work with artists, and develop their ideas with the support of experienced professionals.  The time commitment is approximately 1 day a week, and each Babylon Young Curator receives a bursary (or award) of £1,650 for taking part in the programme.  

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