Call for proposals:  ‘No Frost at Night’ 

An upcoming exhibition at the Babylon Gallery 

Babylon Young Curator Sid White-Jones is seeking proposals from East-Anglian based artists and creative practitioners for five new commissions that respond to source material from 'The Soham Weather Diaries' archive.

The new work will be shown at the upcoming contemporary arts exhibition ‘No Frost at Night’. The exhibition will form part of Babylon ARTS’ 2021 gallery programme, open to the public from 12th March – 5th April at the Babylon Gallery.

Five selected artists will be commissioned to create new work in response to a single weather diary from 1963, sourced from a collection of archival records known as ‘The Soham Weather Diaries’ which are currently held within the care of Heritage for All CIC. 

‘The Soham Weather Diaries’ are a series of handwritten journals which span from December 1962 – February 2018. Within each diary is a daily temperature reading and a personal observation on the way the weather both felt and looked in the town of Soham, Cambridgeshire on each recorded day. The diary’s author, Betty Mann, was a lifelong resident of Soham who took these readings right up until her death on 20th February 2018. 

‘No Frost at Night’ will be curated by Sid White-Jones during his time on the Babylon Young Curators programme; a year-long professional development programme for young people age 18 - 25.  The invitation to apply is open to both established and emerging East-Anglian based creative practitioners over the age of 18, including (but not limited to) artists, creators, designers, makers, performers and writers. 

“The exhibition will present audiences with ideas on how archival materials can be utilised within the context of contemporary art. ‘The Soham Weather Diaries’ are a wonderfully eclectic source of inspiration, each a unique time-capsule in its own right. I believe that this single weather diary from 1963 will provide a wealth of inspiration for artists and creative practitioners and hope that submitted proposals will offer unique and inventive interpretations of Betty Mann’s weather records.” 

- Sid White-Jones, October 2020. 


Commission Fee 

We aim to offer five commissions of £500 each.  



Deadline for proposals:  Monday 14 December, 5pm

All applicants notified:  Monday 23 December

Selected artists to produce work:  January - February

Exhibition dates:  12 March - 5 April 2021


The Soham Weather Diaries

To see all twelve extracts from Betty Mann’s 1963 weather diary please download the Call for Proposals document.


How To Apply

Before applying you are advised to fully read the Call for Proposals.  Applicants are invited to submit three examples of their past work and complete and applications form detailing the work they wish to produce. 

To download the Call for Proposals please click here.

Online applications are invited through Zealous, a submissions platform which connects organisers and creative candidates. 

To apply online via Zealous please click here.

If you do not wish to apply through Zealous, please download and fill in the Application Form here.

Audio version of Call for Proposals

Large Print Call for Proposals

Large Print Application Form

If you would like to discuss this opportunity or your individual proposal before applying, please contact Sid White-Jones, Babylon Young Curator, by email on or through Instagram @sidwhitejones.


Deadline For Applications:  Monday 14th December 2020, 5pm.  We look forward to seeing your proposals.

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