'No Frost at Night’ 

An upcoming exhibition at the Babylon Gallery 

Curated by Babylon Young Curator Sid White-Jones, the exhibition is formed of new artworks created by five East-Anglian based artists in response to a historical weather diary from 1963, written by Betty Mann, a lifelong resident of Soham in Cambridgeshire.

Named 'The Soham Weather Diaries' they feature daily temperature readings and a personal observation on the way the weather both felt and looked in the town of Soham, Cambridgeshire on each recorded day of the year. Betty Mann began taking these daily weather readings in December 1962 and continued right up until her death on the 20th February 2018. The diaries are currently held within the care of Heritage for All CIC.

‘No Frost at Night’ will be curated by Sid White-Jones during his time on the Babylon Young Curators programme; a year-long professional development programme for young people age 18 - 25. The exhibition will form part of Babylon ARTS’ 2021 gallery programme, open to the public from 16th April - Sun 9th May 2021 at the Babylon Gallery.

“The exhibition will present audiences with ideas on how archival materials can be utilised within the context of contemporary art. Betty’s weather diaries are a wonderfully eclectic source of inspiration, each a unique time-capsule in its own right. We look forward to sharing these historical records and the contemporary artworks inspired by them with visitors later this year.”

- Sid White-Jones.

Take part in the exhibition

How would you fill a fourteen-day diary?

As part of the exhibition, inspired by Betty's diaries, we have produced a set of fourteen-day diaries which we will be posting out to people for free, to fill in on a subject of their choice. We ask that these diaries are returned once completed, so that they can be showcased within No Frost at Night. 

With your input, we will be able to create a new archive of diaries, which we hope will provide a wealth of information from our local community, all recorded at a time of great uncertainty. Showcasing these diaries within No Frost at Night will give visitors the opportunity to gain a unique insight into the current thoughts, feelings and emotions of those around them.

This opportunity is open to all. Find out more here.

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