We're looking for work to exhibit or present in the Babylon ARTS space for 2020 and beyond.

It's a unique and flexible space with bags of charm right next to the riverside.See our gallery dimensions here. More info about the space is here.

The Creative Spaces programme is primarily delivered in the Babylon Gallery, but also includes work we might do in other venues and places. This programme sits alongside our Creative Communities programme and helps Babylon ARTS’ achieve our overall vision, mission and aims, whilst also building an income for Babylon ARTS to support our ongoing sustainability.

We present…

Exhibitions and performances which hold relevance today, across a spectrum of visual and performing arts, including (but not limited to): painting, print works, interdisciplinary visual arts practice, craft, ceramics, textiles, digital arts, photography, dance, theatre, film, spoken word and music.

When we select work for our Creative Spaces programme it is essential that it sparks curiosity by those who see or interact with it and that it is high quality. We aim to achieve a balance across our programme, celebrating a diversity of artforms and creative expression.

We’re also interested in presenting work that does any of the following:

  1. Connects to the geography, landscape or people of this area or relates to local traditions, customs, crafts and stories.
  2. Showcases the skills and creativity of artists/creative practitioners living in West Anglia.
  3. Has a story to tell through its presentation or by the process in which it was created.
  4. Is co-created with people from or currently living in West Anglia.
  5. Is a product of regional or national partnerships with other venues/organisations who share our values.
  6. Is created by emerging artists or those with established careers, who wish to stretch their practice.
  7. Tries something new or innovative.


We welcome submissions for both solo exhibitions or group shows. If you are a professional artist (or group) with a body of work you wish to exhibit, we want to hear from you!

We welcome applications from both established and emerging artists and groups. Please note that due to our resources we cannot take ‘on spec’ applications but need to have formal submissions accompanied with the information below.

If you'd like to exhibit please fill in the form and return to lorree.true@babylonarts.org.uk

The Babylon Gallery also works to support our local artists and artists’ communities through our annual Summer Open Exhibition. Sign up to our email newsletter to keep in touch.


Guide to Exhibition Fees 2019-2020, in addition there is usually a commission rate of 30% + VAT which we can discuss with you (please call us for more information).

Three week exhibition: £798 incl VAT

Four week exhibition : £1014 incl VAT

Five week exhibition : £1260 incl VAT

Private hire: You can also hire our beautiful creative space, ideal for any small scale events from training sessions, conferences, private parties & celebrations to film nights (digital kit available) and music gigs. See venue hire for more information.


Your submission should include:

  1. A completed proposal form
  2. A copy of your CV with full contact details.
  3. An artist’s statement detailing your practice and the outline proposal for your exhibition so that we can understand what you are trying to achieve.
  4. Some images of the work you intend to display or of your previous work, so that we can get a feel for the quality of your work and how the exhibition may look.
  5. Any other relevant information you think we should consider such as whether you wish to offer your work for sale, or if you might need additional equipment or support.

Contact Details

Proposal Details

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