Birds, Beasts and Even More Bendy Stuff

Birds, Beasts and Even More Bendy Stuff

This solo exhibition from Mark Ward features paintings of wildlife scenes from models he has created using paper, string, clay and all sorts of rescued items. The result is a selection of still life paintings displaying vibrant animal characters.

When he began to pursue his creative practice, Mark Ward chose subjects that involved things he likes, namely animals and plants. When struggling to invent a rather complex arrangement of leaves with effects of light and shadow on them, he decided to make them from paper. Shining a light onto these paper leaves, he found they produced fascinating and complex shadows, highlighting the paper like quality. With this technique, Mark built a ‘black box’ arrangement in his studio, to become the stage for his still life wildlife compositions.

One piece within this exhibition is called Family Swansemble, showing a pair of swans and one cygnet, made from paper and pipe cleaners. This piece takes inspiration from the surroundings of Babylon Gallery, and its riverside surroundings of swans, geese ducks and even the occasional heron. It captures the wildlife that can be found outside the galleries doors in the artist's distinct style, giving the impression that the painting is set right on the river’s edge.

Mark Ward hopes that this exhibition, designed to appeal to all ages, will create intrigue within these still life scenes, and encourage people to imagine their own stories for each picture.

'Birds, Beasts and Even More Bendy Stuff' is open at Babylon Gallery from Wednesday 1st May until Sunday 2nd June 2024.

Meet the Artist, Saturday 4th May.

The gallery is open to the public Tuesday - Sunday, 12-4pm.

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