Poems, Pictures and Poppycock

Poems, Pictures and Poppycock

An exhibition showcasing the diverse work of artist Mack Mathod from 2023, featuring a range of poetry and artworks reflecting the artists own, sometimes bizarre, experiences over a busy and eventful year.

The exhibition aims to amuse and challenge through words and images, exploring the changing aspects of a world through an artist’s (somewhat biased) perspective. Mack began 2023 with the daunting task of writing a poem every day from January 1st until December 31st, which he has combined with illustrative works, resulting in a collection of pieces that encapsulate absurd humour coupled with serious observations.

Mack has had an exciting career in comedy and the arts, with a focus on the production of surreal and absurd work, whether written, performed, or visual. His ideas attempt to amuse and brighten an artistic experience, challenging the sometimes over serious sobriety of contemporary artistic methodology.

“Poems, Pictures and Poppycock” is open at Babylon Gallery from Wednesday 27th March until Sunday 28th April 2024.

The gallery is open to the public Tuesday - Sunday, 12-4pm.

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