Stories from my Mother's Cabinet

Stories from my Mother's Cabinet

This solo exhibition from Helen Murray focuses on a metaphorical ‘cabinet’, exploring the transformation of seemingly mundane materials into new forms whether in paint, found objects or mixed media pieces.

Helen uses mostly natural and organic materials, collected from the streets where she lives, her garden and local beaches. During the process of re-working these, possible new identities begin to emerge, with the artwork becoming a miniature theatre in which characters and narratives can be interpreted according to the viewer's imagination. Often working in a grid format, the artist applies layers of materials over individually painted squares. 

Helen Murray is a self-taught artist from northeast Suffolk. Having previously worked as an illustrator, she set up Artbox (now Artboxarts CIC) in 2009 which offers art sessions for adults with special needs. In her art, she aims to evoke a mood or atmosphere within objects, finding inspiration in words, alphabets, poetry, music, archaeology and ancient landscapes.

'Stories from my Mother's Cabinet' is open at Babylon Gallery from Thursday 4th July until Sunday 28th July 2024.

The gallery is open to the public Tuesday - Sunday, 12 - 4pm.

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