We are very sorry to announce that the activities that were scheduled to take place within the schools in the Fenland and East Cambs area were postponed in light of the announcements made by the government on 16 March about Coronavirus and in order to protect the health and wellbeing of the staff, artists, teachers and students. 

We are working to reschedule these in liaison with the schools, as soon as possible. Please contact Florence Rose, florence.rose@babylonarts.org.uk for further information. 

Creative & Cultural Futures is a cultural enrichment programme for teachers and students. We want teachers to develop additional skills and knowledge in cultural education to lead culture and creative learning in school and enable young people to develop experiences in the arts, culture and heritage and opportunities for pathways into creative careers.

Co-designed with stakeholders into a flexible peer learning and leadership programme for teachers and a flexible 14-week activity programme for students, the programme will be piloted in 2019/20 academic year with primary and secondary schools and students living and learning in Fenland and East Cambridgeshire.

We invite schools, teachers and students to take part in shaping the future of Creative and Cultural Futures, with all the benefits of taking part in professional development and practical workshops for teachers, ‘backstage’ visits to arts, culture and heritage organisations and extra-curricular artist led workshops in school for students, and a visit to the 2020 Creative the Future Careers Show.

Teachers will develop leadership and creativity skills, building knowledge and confidence in cultural education and creative careers, and strategies for teaching. Students will build resilience and essential skills such as presenting, problem solving, teamwork and aiming high. Working alongside artists and cultural and creative professionals, students and teachers will explore arts, culture and heritage critically and creatively and deepen their understanding of the sector.

We’ll also produce a new digital catalogue of live cultural opportunities, creative pathways and teaching resources.                                                                                   

To mark the start of the National Careers Week 2020, Babylon ARTS’s has launched the Culture Catalogue: an online hub of cultural enrichment and creative careers opportunities, for young people, available in Cambridgeshire.

The Culture Catalogue will be an essential tool for young people looking for a career in a creative industry, available here.

For more information contact florence.rose@babylonarts.org.uk



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