Babylon ARTS Creating a Storm

Babylon ARTS Creating a Storm

In response to the Storm Thorgerson Exhibition we had in the gallery between 7th-22nd December 2018, we hosted our very own Album Art Fundraising Exhibition, Friday 18 January to Sunday 27th January 2019.

We were looking for entries from professional, amateur and first-time artists for our charity fundraising exhibition. The theme was Album Art and we invited the community to create an image, 30cm x 30cm, to display alongside others in the Babylon Gallery. The work could have been inspired by a particular band or track, a homage to an existing album cover, or a new creation that the applicant thought would look great as a vinyl sleeve.

We welcomed drawing, printing, painting, photography, digital art, collage and mixed media. We were looking for a range of styles and techniques, as well as work from all ages and experience levels.

Why Album Art?
We wanted to celebrate the artwork that is associated with our favourite bands, music and tracks. Artwork on the covers of albums and singles often features eye-catching illustration, vibrant colours and lettering. It is renowned for being a great marketing tool, but just as important is the expression of artist intent. To inspire the creations, applicants were encouraged to listen to some music, look at the artwork of your favourite musicians or come and visit the Storm Thorgerson exhibition that was on display at Babylon Gallery between 17 November – 22 December 2018.

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