Comic Book Windows Project

Comic Book Windows Project

In May 2020, Babylon ARTS worked with Irina Richards, a local Manga Artist, in creating 60 new illustrations, one for each of the Babylon Gallery riverside window panes.

The exhibition comprised of three separate comic ‘strips’, two based on Irina’s own stories and two using a poems submitted by the public. You can now view the chosen poems as illustrations by Sophie Bell and Hebe Young.

All of the poems submitted, as well as the two illustrated poems were made into a limited edition comic book.

We asked for 36 people/households to adopt and co-create an individual illustration, by adding the colour to a black and white illustration produced by Irina. This could be using any medium, including coloured pencils, pastels, paint or even scrapbooking. We welcomed families, individuals and groups, artist or not, to adopt an illustration to be given its colour!

These were then displayed in the Babylon Gallery windows (which could be seen from the riverside walk in Ely) and in our virtual exhibition here.

A big thank you to everyone that took part!

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